TA Unite LLC (TAUnite.com) is an organization of forward-thinking travel agencies, currently with over $40 million in combined annual sales, primarily focused on Caribbean and Mexican destinations.

It was established to assist Partner agencies to better compete and succeed in the ever-changing and volatile vacation provider marketplace, to leverage economies of scale that no single agency warranted, and to utilize the power of a group dynamic of actual Travel Advisors to promote sales of our Alliance partners.

Why Should a Supplier Partner with TAUnite?

The TA Unite Alliance and its Partner Agencies:

• are developing an operating partnership with only a small number of targeted Supplier Partners, TAUnite is highly focused on providing our agencies, agents, and mutual clients the best possible opportunities. 

• have historically demonstrated focused, creative, and proactive marketing strategies individually around both hotel and/or tour operator promotions. We plan to further advance this by taking a "best of breeds" approach in formulating strategies as a group, benefitting all member agencies and, as a result, supporting our partners even better. 

• offer direct interaction with the industry's premier travel advisors, who have the capability to bring quick results to mutually defined/developed promotions. As a Partner, you are working directly with Agency Owners and Agents, who have a true understanding of what sells and why. This reduces time spent contacting agencies individually, avoids the scattershot approach of mass emails, and improves ROI. TAUnite does not have multiple layers of administration to work through as in a typical consortium. 

• offer a single, leveraged point of contact to co-design and deliver marketing material and promotions to over 100,000 currently subscribed and qualified clients, websites with over 75,000 monthly unique visitors, and 40 dedicated travel advisors. This figure will grow as a small number of other targeted agencies are invited to align with us.

• offer highly experienced and knowledgeable agents within each agency focused in selling primarily Caribbean & Mexico destinations 

• offer a platform that should attract a growing number of like-minded, successful agencies that join in the future 

As a group, we are looking for more flexibility and creativity in terms of value adds, promotions, rewards, and so on from our partners, and can provide one outlet for our partners to promote their brands and move product, instead of splintering it up amongst several individual agencies. The agencies involved are successful, creative, and proactive agencies with excellent reputations within the industry and top producers for many suppliers. By combining together, putting together key partners, and being able to share information amongst ourselves, we hope to grow even further. 

We're looking to stay small at this point both in terms of the number of agencies involved as well as the number of preferred partners – better for focus and control. Many consortia have dozens upon dozens of preferred, which means none are preferred.  

The ultimate goal is incremental growth. By establishing a group like this, we hope to better our partnerships with key suppliers and not just shift business, but grow, and compete better with the OTAs.